The Center of occupational health and safety and fire protection in Prague

Occupational safety and fire protection

Annual review of OHS and FP field

Do not underestimate the risks in OHS area, whether in terms of production and distribution, or to avoid unnecessary losses and serious injuries.

Annual review in OHS and FP field - content

The annual OHS review itself contains complex arrangements of norms, documents and course of work according to the thoughtfulness not only for own health, however also for the protection of property and the general environment. At the same time, a comprehensive fire protection services are also included together with proper training on work safety, especially in high-risk industries.

Work Safety – Protection of human health and property

The most common cause of work-related injuries and accidents, unfortunately sometimes resulting in death, **is a lax approach to prevention and security and safety measures*. In case you underestimate the situation it usually ends with a disaster which results in at least damage to property that means the payment of significant financial penalties.

Annual Review – Do not underestimate both, the OHS and FP

If you do not want to worry, avoid risks of neglecting the OHS and FP. As an owner of a company, you certainly give your employees a form to sign, which will provide some legal protection. However, this will not prevent the unfortunate incidents that may result in injury or property damage.

Regulations and law in OHS and FP field

The OHS and FP is given according to law no. 309/2006 Coll. of Labor Code. To avoid unpleasant and tragic events, our legislators decided to make several modifications and additions to the above mentioned regulations.

If you are a business owner and do not proceed according to the amended regulations and the law itself, it is possible you will have a considerable chance of penalties for noncompliance. It is not just about the property you can lose. Although it could be very valuable, it will never replace human lives or the environment.

Annual Review – Professional ensuring in OHS and FP

Our joint-stock company Energom Projekty a.s. is directly the Center of occupational health and safety and fire protection, therefore our professionally trained specialists provide all documentation, solving of workplace and surrounding buildings in a way of accordance with the law and the security before the creation and development of wildfires. We also know everything about the new adjustments made in the decrees and laws, as well as those yet to be regulated. Therefore, our clients and you as our customer will be informed well in advance.

A review of OHS and FP in our company Energom Projekty a.s. ensures an early solution to the situation and prevent unfortunate events, that could lead to significant losses.

Are you ready for an unannounced inspection of the supervisory OHS and FP authorities?

With our professionally trained experts in the complex OHS and FP prevention you will be well prepared in case of unannounced state authorities´ visits.

We would like to represent you and your work can you defend the controls.


ENERGOM Projekty, a.s. The Center for occupational security and fire protection.

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