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Chimneys Revisions

The best time to conduct inspections of chimneys is before the heating season. In the case you will not underestimate the regular revision and leave your chimney clean in time, you will start the heating season unscathed.

According to the Law Degree no. 91/2010 Coll., the regular revision of chimneys is mandatory. If you take it lightly, it is more than likely that you will pay a lot more money for the repair of damaged property that if you would have paid a chimney revision. Additionally, the property is the least when we consider the value of human life or family.

Without revision, no compensation from the insurance company

The majority of people think that when they arrange household insurance against fire and other hazards, they are fully protected and covered, and therefore they do not need to conduct a revision.

However, the opposite is true, as long as there is no regular revision according to the regulations and your chimney will be during the unfortunate event in bad condition and neglected, no insurance company will pay damages. So make sure to conduct regular chimney revisions, which turn your time and effort to the safety and certainty.

The Risks for Companies that do not have Regular Inspections of Chimneys

If you are an entrepreneur owning the property where chimneys are used routinely, it is necessary to follow government regulations and conduct regular revisions of chimneys. Not only you risk random control, which of course detects whether the chimney is cleaned and well-kept, and in case of failure of this Decree you will pay a large fine. Especially during the impending risk of fire, you will have multiple property losses.

Not even an expensive insurance will help you in such case if you do not comply with the regulations on the revision of the chimneys and you will not get compensation.

When conduct the revision of the chimney?

As we have already mentioned, the best time to conduct a revision is before the heating season. A complex revision is conducted in accordance with applicable regulations once a year or whenever to construction work of the chimney taking place. Each owner is obliged to conduct a revision in case of the change of the fuel type of installed appliance or when changing the appliance. Furthermore, when specific changes caused by the fire of the chimney or others unexpected actions.

Deadlines of the checks and inspections of gas appliances

Government regulations and decrees concerning the revisions of chimneys are valid not only for stoves and heating with wood, but also for gas appliances, where people are obliged to act responsibly. Thanks to multiple poisoning from fumes resulting from failure to comply with regular inspection of equipment.

Inspection checks have to be conducted by service technician:

  • Appliances at least once a year.
  • Gas distributing systems and devices at least once in three years.

However, the test of gas pipeline itself is valid for a maximum of six months and in this date is regular inspection necessary.

The Audit Report

The audit report is a very important document issued by competent person that can be used as a document for the insurance company in case of unfortunate event. If you have your insurance in such case, you will also get compensation for any losses.

Who Can Revise the Chimneys?

The chimney revision can be performed only by a person qualified to conduct inspections of chimneys and other similar installations, or a holder of a trade license in the field of chimney sweeping, who will get you a revision marking with a date based on the inspection. According to the Act, you will have everything in order and you no longer need to worry about the imminent risk of fire.

Are you ready for an unannounced inspection of the supervisory OHS and FP authorities?

With our professionally trained experts in the complex OHS and FP prevention you will be well prepared in case of unannounced state authorities´ visits.

We would like to represent you and your work can you defend the controls.


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