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Electrical devices revision

If you are running a business, it is your responsibility under the Act no. 251/2005 Coll. to follow periodic electrical inspections which are in regular intervals depending on the specific environment and purpose for living.

Very important and experts recommended electrical revision should be carried out in areas designed or housing even though it is not mandatory.

The overall revision indicates the status of operating electrical equipment and thereby reduces the risk of fire from faulty wiring or electrical appliances and prevents electric shock as well as further injuries and problems with insurance benefits.

Thanks to regular revisions, you will no longer be threatened by any sanctions for failing to fulfill your obligations. Avoid prosecution for any injuries of fires, which have arisen as a result of faulty appliance or wiring.

How Often Carry out Inspections of Wiring and Appliances?

According to the laws of the Czech Republic, the inspections of electrical installations are not mandatory only in buildings intended for housing. The exception may be revision for the approval procedure. However, in the case of purchasing of an older real estate it is very important to do a thorough review. The revision is also recommended in case of interference in the wiring – repair or implementation of new distribution.

In wet areas, especially in the bathrooms of residential buildings, experts recommend revising of electro at least once for five years, although it is not mandatory. Conversely, evidence of the revision is a big advantage. Especially in case of fire or injury caused by wiring, as a proof for insurance company.

Are you the operator of a company, or object to the public? In such cases you are obliged under applicable law to carry out regular inspections of electrical equipment.

Carried out revision protocol – Audit report

The audit report must be exposed by the technician at every electrical inspection, or protocol of revision, even if there have been found deficiencies, will be written in the report. Subsequently is necessary to order an electrician, who repairs found defects, followed by another inspection report. However, if you have everything in order, everything have to be written and the following revision term will be arranged.

Our joint-stock company Energom Projekty. a.s. is specialized in complete revisions of electrical devices. Our professionally trained technicians will provide you with a complete revision and handover of a valid inspection report throughout the Czech Republic.

Are you ready for an unannounced inspection of the supervisory OHS and FP authorities?

With our professionally trained experts in the complex OHS and FP prevention you will be well prepared in case of unannounced state authorities´ visits.

We would like to represent you and your work can you defend the controls.


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