The Center of occupational health and safety and fire protection in Prague

Occupational safety and fire protection

Energom Projekty a.s.

Professionals in complete securing of OHS and FP

Energom Projekty a.s. is the only active company which is directly the Center for occupational security and fire protection with a trademark throughout the Czech Republic.

The services are provided with a clearly set goal of providing professional and high quality services in the field of OHS and FP for self-employed entrepreneurs, individuals and legal entities. Further, the OHS and FP services are delivered in health, education and state administration field as well.

Philosophy of the company is based on:

Long-term professional cooperation with the goal of preventing the occurrence of unpleasant situations that could lead to significant losses, thus protect the companies from sanctions from state control bodies.

Our employees are professionally trained specialists with knowledge of applicable valid legislation in the area of occupational health and safety and fire protection with training in the field of OHS and FP on the regular basis.

Comprehensive provision of occupational safety and fire protection

Our company do it´s best to provide particularly comprehensive arrangements of activities resulting from the legislation of OHS and FP:

  • Processing OHS and FP documentation.
  • Risk assessment in OHS.
  • Monitoring of compliance with legal and other regulations in the field of OHS and FP.
  • Inspection of fire and electrical devices, wiring, lightning rods, emergency lighting, fire hydrants, anti-panic lightning, equipment and chimneys.
  • Professional training of OHS and FP drivers of official vehicles, work at heights, employees and management.

Professional advocating of clients and consultancy in case of state controls

One of many advantages of our services is client advocating by professionally trained specialist, OHS and PO technician in risk prevention, during inspections of state supervisors, which is the Fire Brigade, Regional Health Authority and the Labor Inspectorate.

Regular consultations as an assurance you have everything in order.

Our company does not only provide consultation and tentative tour of workplaces, however especially control and in case of deficiencies including a copy of the report, we suggest it´s removal. The processing of a complete documentation of OHS and documentation of FP is a commonplace.

We believe the cooperation with us will be of benefit to you.

Energom Projekty a.s., Center for Occupational Health and Safety and Fire Protection.

Are you ready for an unannounced inspection of the supervisory OHS and FP authorities?

With our professionally trained experts in the complex OHS and FP prevention you will be well prepared in case of unannounced state authorities´ visits.

We would like to represent you and your work can you defend the controls.


ENERGOM Projekty, a.s. The Center for occupational security and fire protection.

Telephone contact: +420 777 929 770


IČ: 29001838

DIČ: CZ29001838

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