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Machines Revisions

If you have electrical appliances or other electrical actuator driven equipment in your workshop, it is necessary to have a valid revision in the deadlines given by the law. Not only because of the threat of personal injury, but also in the case of something like this happens and you will not follow the regular inspections of machines, which will result in not paying the damage by the insurance company.

No Revision Means Sanctions

Taking the regular inspections of machines under the legislation no. 378/2001 and clear instructions lightly, you may find when visiting state control, you will have to pay a considerable penalty, which according to the range can reach up to two millions. In this case is really a wrong decision to underestimate it.

Division of groups and classes for machines inspection

Machines revisions are conducted at different time interval following the division of the classes and groups. The kind of a machine determines the group and class and then the type of protection which is needed to implement and subsequently secure.

For commonly used machines the regular revision must be conducted from three do twenty-four months. For the most commonly used machines is mandatory revision once a year.

All regular revisions have to be conduct by a professional and approved auditor..

Whom contact to conduct a revision?

For regular revision is needed to address revision expert and the controller himself with approved and honorable mention, which is authorized to perform such activity.

If you are looking for a professional company that conducts revision with a valid certificate of work performance, reach out Energom Projekty a.s.

We employ only professionally trained specialists who are authorized to conduct inspections of machines. They will provide you with their valid certificate to check it and be sure that your property and health of your people will be perfectly taken care of.

Protect Your Property and Your lives

Do not underestimate regular revisions, not only because of the proper functioning of your machines, but mainly due to life and health of humans.

If the regular revision is wrongly done and prescribed by applicable law, the risk of release of the necessary components for proper operation of the machine can occur and subsequently result in hundreds of thousands of damage to you property, or harm human health.

Are you ready for an unannounced inspection of the supervisory OHS and FP authorities?

With our professionally trained experts in the complex OHS and FP prevention you will be well prepared in case of unannounced state authorities´ visits.

We would like to represent you and your work can you defend the controls.


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