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Occupational safety and fire protection

Wiring Inspection

Quality made wiring means safe for the entire household and saved money on repairs of electrical appliances as well. The older the wiring, the more are materials wear and subsequently must be changed. In addition, the new materials are developing continuously and are able to provide much more safety.

In case you are thinking about the wiring reconstruction, the best choice will be to hire a professional who is oriented in such field and at the same time will exactly follow standards of ČSN 33 1500 and ČSN 33 2000-6. A laical selection may lead to unforeseen consequences.

Wiring Project

A well-prepared wiring project will provide you with much better conditions for control and energy savings. First, it is necessary thoroughly discuss your wishes and requirements with a trained specialist who will provide you with appropriate solution. Furthermore, the company will form an offer calculation and layout of the apartment of house, schema management, location of sockets, switches, lights and other outlets.

Wiring Realization

The wiring realization lies in the proper selection of the professional company that provides you with quality service. Faulty wiring can result in damage of expensive electrical appliances or can cause fire and harm to human health, in the worst case, death.

Wiring Revision

The wiring revision should be done every five years by a professional expert who can guarantee you safe wiring in your house. Regular revision reduces the risk of fire and early detection of potential problems that could cause damage. In addition, it helps you save money on repairs.

If the fire and electrical shock occurs and you will not have prepared revision of wiring, insurance company will not pay you money.

Do not underestimate the revision with respect to your health and money.

Let the wiring revision on professionally trained technician from our company Energom projekty a.s. that familiarize you with the location of the devices, with accompanying documentation and earlier audit reports and you receive the audit report after the checking.

Are you ready for an unannounced inspection of the supervisory OHS and FP authorities?

With our professionally trained experts in the complex OHS and FP prevention you will be well prepared in case of unannounced state authorities´ visits.

We would like to represent you and your work can you defend the controls.


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